2020 Season Almost Here!

Updated Monday January 13, 2020 by Heartwell Pony-Colt League.

Heartwell Pony is looking for players league age 12-14 years old. The player age is age as of 8/31/2020.

The fee is $295 per player. All payments are due in the week before new player tryouts. Our league schedule comprises of minimum 34 games during the season.

New player tryouts will be on February 1, 2020. Players will be emailed their tryout time and location at a later date. All new players must tryout to be eligible for the team draft.

The league draft day is on February 2, 2020. Once the league team's draft is complete, there will be no refunds on league fees.

Each player's family is responsible for (5) snack bar shifts during the season. The snack bar deposit is $125 (not deposited), and you can either buyout or work shifts. The snack bar deposit or buyout will be due on the day of the first team practice or tryouts. There will be (1) mandatory fundraiser during the season.

When you register online please make sure you create all family members (an example would be both mother and father of player) you wish to communicate with the team when teams are formed.

You will be asked when you register if you would accept text messages from the league and your team. Please say yes to this feature, it will be very helpful to communicate with our families on any important changes to games or practices during the season.

We thank you for your consideration and welcome you to our Heartwell Family.